Alexander Work


4 classes (each 40 min) only 100€

Only availbale shortly.

In individual alexander (Online-)lessons I teach you how to get rid of unnecessary tensions by applying the core principles of the Alexander Technique.

You will find relief from pain, e.g. back pain, tensed shoulders or neck, headaches etc.

With time you will learn to change unfavourable tension patterns. I will show you the practical principles that will enable you to effectively control tension in your daily life.

I also work with special activities if requested. Practical advice for sitting posture at the PC, eye use at the screen or working on improved coordination in artistic activities such as playing an instrument, using the voice or doing certain sports.

With regular application of the principles you can experience improved presence and more inner freedom in all your activities.

Integrated Coaching

My integrated (Online-)Coaching teaches you a way to better health and balance.

A grounded body is the first resource that will support your personal problem-solving strategies.

The way we treat our bodies is reflecting the attitude that we have towards ourself. Learning to access a balanced muscle tone can stabilize much more then your sitting posture.

Paying attention on how we use our body in everyday-life situations is an easy way to break down complexity of deep-rooted tension patterns and making an effective change possible even without going into talking about problems.

If you learn to get control over your physical tension-patterns, you will access a new tool for self-management. This will give you the support you need to consciously choose the way you react and interact in challenging or conflictive situations.

„freedom to choose“

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15 min Alexander Technique online for free!!!

Each Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9 am and 4 pm (CEST).

Each Tueday: 7:30, 12:30, 17:30 and 20:30

Each Saturday and Sunday: 11:00 and 14:00 (CEST)

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Offers in the past; similar offers soon again …

I.) healthy back course starting on 10 th of february

II.) eyetraining starting on 1st march)

Freedom to choose

Workshop on Body IQ Festival 2021

Ali Schwartz and I from System-Körper-Raum gave an Online-Workshop on Body IQ Festival on 19 th of November 2021 exploring the link between social and ecological justice and the Alexander Technique.